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IFE PortraitBWsmallercropped-IFE-CLASSIC-IG-LOGO.jpg The electronic music moniker of New Orleans based African American producer and percussionist Otura Mun, ÌFÉ is a futuristic live electronic music project blending elements of Afro-Cuban folklore and Yoruban religious music with the bass driven sounds of modern day Jamaican Dancehall, Trap and Afro-Beat. The single most important electronic act in Afro-Caribbean music, ÌFÉ’s 2017 debut album “IIII+IIII” revolutionized the way electronic music was conceived and performed, seamlessly combining the intricacies of Afro-Caribbean percussion and song with the power of modern electronica played in real time, no DJ’s, no programming, totally freed from the grid. A groundbreaking reimagination of ancient diaspora music and movement, ÌFÉ’s music explores the higher frequencies while paying keen attention to the lower ones in a way that feels equal parts riot and ritual. ÌFÉ’s long awaited sophomore album, 0000+0000 was released to worldwide critial acclaim in November of 2021.



“The genre-crushing group ÌFÉ is a revelation. Its new song, “Fake Blood,” is a reminder of the boundless promise of music” – THE NEW YORK TIMES

“ÌFÉ’s latest, ‘0000+0000,’ is a mesmerizing, future-forward experiment” – NPR’S WEEKEND EDITION

“ÌFÉ fuses spiritual depth with dancehall influences… marrying the traditional with contemporary sounds to make something completely original.» «The music has a certain otherworldly quality that’ll resonate with even the most secular ear.” – NOISEY

“The future of electronic music.” – NICOLA CRUZ

“When I heard this record earlier this year I knew it would be my favorite of the year… It’s going to be one of my favorite records of all time!” – FELIX CONTRERAS – NPR

“Of all those trying to create a soundscape that links tradition with modernity, IFE is the one who does it best. In this debut album, the acoustic elements don’t overlap: they converse and exchange codes creating new patterns that expand the musical universe.” – EL PAIS

“The record is both vast and approachable. He melds the spiritual with the political, traditional Yoruba religious rhythms with contemporary dancehall production, harsh subject matter with pop hooks.” – AFROPOP WORLDWIDE

“ÌFÉ‘s new video for ‘3 Mujeres’ invokes the griot tradition of Yoruba music and Cuban rumba, bringing them into the digital age. If there are spiritual hymns to be found in the matrix, this is what they should sound like.” – LARGE UP