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New Single debuts on LA’s KCRW!

Screenshot_2019-10-25 Pan Caliente Track Premiere ÌFÉ 'Voodoo Economics WEB

Huge thanks to José Galván and the folks at KCRW for premiering our new song “VOODOO ECONOMICS (WolfMan)”. I’m a huge KCRW fan so this was an enormous honor. Check out their piece here! VOODOO ECONOMICS (WolfMan) is now available on all platforms and in our webstore. Aché bogbo Eggun!!!

“VOODOO ECONOMICS (WolfMan), the second single off of ÌFÉ’s forthcoming sophomore album moves as a modern day funeral song, written as a lament for Adolf Wolfgang Siemon-Otero, a beloved friend and musician gunned down in the streets of San Juan Puerto Rico, the target of a drug trafficking dispute. The song, built around sacred Afro Cuban Bata rhythms and prayers plays a powerful procession, honoring those that have fallen while stirring up a cache of questions, principally among them, why do we want so badly to be rich? And what does right and wrong ultimately mean in a society that judges us more on our outcomes than our methods?” – Otura Mun