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Conversations With Otura Mun

VSCO presents a short film about a man breaking free from his past to forge a new identity and to realize his place in the world through music and spirituality. Featuring Otura Mun, the bandleader of the contemporary Afro-Caribbean ensemble ÌFÉ.

Directed by Omid Fatemi and filmed on location in Puerto Rico. 

Conversations With Otura Mun

Otura Mun has experienced a transformation. He has altered the relationship to his reality by shifting his perceptions from being based solely around a world that is material to one that is largely spiritual. And this short film encounters him just a year on from when he committed himself to this new state of being, when he was reborn into his present name after being ordained in Cuba as a Babaláwo (a priest) in the Ifá sect of the Yoruba faith. The film explores this seminal undertaking, its reasons and effects, through a series of interviews recorded with Otura Mun in Santurce, Puerto Rico where he lives and creates music as the bandleader of the contemporary Afro-Caribbean ensemble ÌFÉ.

Through hours of conversation with the director, Otura Mun traced the many roads leading to this point in time: starting life as a newborn as a ward of the state of Indiana, a youth spent searching for identity against the racial hegemony of a midwestern town, the aftermath of the tragic loss of a younger brother that would find him seeking a private solace on an island where he did not yet speak the language, a love of music and the power of the drum that would lead him from collegiate drumlines and studying with master Puerto Rican percussionists to where he is today as a musical ambassador and a disciple of a religion that originated in ancient Africa.

In a return visit to Puerto Rico, director Omid Fatemi crafted a film around these audio recordings that is equal parts dreamscape and documentary. In the film we find a man breaking free from his past and emerging from one transformation only to realize himself at the crossroads of another, this time with his faith, his own music, and his name — his identity — guiding him from the present into the future.

Omid Fatemi is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles. He has worked with VSCO over the last year as the director and creative producer for short films on Korey DaneShigeto, and Savages.

Conversations With Otura Mun

OTURA MUN trailer.mp4

UMBO (Come Down), is a musical invitation to the benevolent forces that be. Drawing from rhythms and incantations of sacred Yoruba praise songs, ÌFÉ calls out to those would would hear us in our times of need.

Keenly aware that our most potent gods, and loves, are first met dancing, and we take our plunges from there. Part celebration, part adoration,UMBO beckons us into that space between places, where we can let go and be brought to shore.

Also available on BandcampSpotify | Youtube


Super happy to announce these new fall dates!! Heading state side, then off to Europe!! Ahora si!!!

Sept. 9th and 10th – Chicago World Music Fesival | Chicago, IL | Venue TBA

Sept. 17th – Smmmile: Vegan Pop Festival | Paris, France | Cabaret Sauvage

Sept. 25th – BAM: Barcelona Acció Musical | Barcelona, Spain | Venue TBA

Stay tuned for more dates, venues and show times!!!


Mala Vida Art 4

El 15 y 16 de julio “La Mala Vida” será el anfitrión del gran aclamado grupo folklórico-futurístico ÌFÉ, que presentará su música ofreciendo una presentación en vivo por primera vez en Puerto Rico. Boletos a la venta ya aqui!

Siendo este uno de los eventos más esperados de este verano, IFE estará presentando su innovadora síntesis de sonidos electrónicos y folclóricos en vivo para una audiencia íntima, este 15 y 16 de julio como un concierto previo a su próxima gira por Norte America y Europa.

Desde el lanzamiento de su primer sencillo y el video del tema “3 Mujeres (iború Iboya Ibosheshé)”, el grupo ha disfrutado la atención y la admiración continua y constante de la comunidad internacional, por su innovador acercamiento en vivo a la música electrónica y su forma única de sintetizar influencias musicales Afro-Caribeñas, combinando elementos de la Rumba Cubana, el Dancehall Jamaiquino y los cantos sagrados Yorubas, creando así algo familiar en la raíz de sus elementos, aun moderno, original y poderoso en su expresión en vivo.

“the future of electronic music” – Nicolá Cruz / ZZK Records

“completamente original. la musica tiene una calidad fuera de este mundo” – VICE

“absolutely raw & on fire” – Independent Grand

Esta presentación será la primera oportunidad de ÌFÉ para compartir su visión en vivo en el escenario de Puerto Rico. En adición a sus primeros dos sencillos, ÌFÉ estará presentando una variedad del nuevo material de su próxima producción. Muchas de estas canciones no han sido lanzadas al publico aun. !!!Este será un evento para recordar!!!

En ambas noches, La Mala Vida será su anfitrión en el corazón del Viejo San Juan. El segundo piso de este edificio colonial español es el escenario ideal para este momento íntimo.

Estaremos ofreciendo una Pre-Venta para ambas noches ahora. Solo cliquea AQUI! Las taquillas serán vendida hasta llegar a 150 asistentes por noche. Entonces asegúrate de tener tus taquillas. AMBAS NOCHES LLEGARAN A SU CUPO RAPIDO.


July 15 and 16 La Mala Vida will host Puerto Rico’s highly acclaimed future-folklore group ÌFÉ as they present their music offering live for the first time in Puerto Rico! Tickets on sale here!

One of the most anticipated events of the season, ÌFÉ will be performing it’s innovative synthesis of electronic and folklore sounds live on stage for an intimate audience this July 15 and 16th in anticipation their upcoming North American dates and European tour.

Since the release of their 1st single and video “3 Mujeres (Iború Iboya Ibosheshé)” the group has enjoyed a steady stream of international attention and praise for it’s groundbreaking approach to live electronic music, and it’s unique synthesis of Afro-Caribbean musical influences, combining elements of Cuban Rumba, Jamaican Dancehall and Yoruban praise music to create something familiar in it’s root elements, yet modern, original and powerful in it’s live expression.

“the future of electronic music” – Nicolá Cruz / ZZK Records

“completamente original. la musica tiene una calidad fuera de este mundo” – VICE

“absolutely raw & on fire” – Independent Grand

This show will be ÌFÉ’s first opportunity to share that vision live on stage in Puerto Rico. In addition to the first 2 singles ÌFÉ will be performing plenty of new material from it’s up coming record. Many of these songs have not yet been released to the public. This is going to be one event to remember!!!

Both nights will be hosted at La Mala Vida in the heart of Old San Juan. The second floor of the rustic Spanish colonial building is the perfect setting for this intimate performance. In typical VSJ, the space offers high ceilings, an interior patio, and a balcony looking out on the Calle San Sebastian. The upstairs will be ours for the night!!

We are offering Pre Sale Tickets for both nights NOW. The tickets will be capped at just 150 attendants per night so make sure you get your tickets NOW. BOTH NIGHTS WILL SELL OUT FAST!! BUY THEM HERE!