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So happy to have this out and in the world! Download it for FREE via Soundcloud! Or if you really wanna show that love you can buy it direct from us via Bandcamp. Algo pa’ ti, algo pa’ mi, divino verdad que si?

“House of Love (Ogbe Yekun),” ÌFÉ’s second single is a ghostly, beckoning musical offering. Recorded live using improvised electronic instruments, ÌFÉ mixes Cuban Rumba with the digital sounds of Jamaican Dancehall, creating a musical space and expression altogether its own. At times tender, at other moments seductive and flirtatious, the song is an invitation / an offering to those forces that walk among us and a reminder that life is nothing if not a constant act of giving to receive.

Also available on Bandcamp | iTunes |Spotify

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“3 Mujeres (Iború Iboya Ibosheshé)” is the first single from ÌFÉ. A live, one take electronic warning shot. The tune, as seen in this debut video, is a “hear me now” live performance utilizing electronic drum and sampling technology in a unique and innovative way that resets conversations about modern day musical performance, present day African/Latin Diaspora music and religion, and many points in between. Directed by Jakob Steen.

Song available on Bandcamp | iTunes | Spotify

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