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ÌFÉ covers Bad Bunny’s Estamos Bien

ÌFÉ performs Bad Bunny’s “Estamos Bien” in a Rumba style while in quarantine at their studio ILÉ ÌFÉ in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The video features ÌFÉ producer and front man Otura Mun and the project’s newest voice, Lavoski.

“Before the quarantine Lavoski and I had been putting together a straight ahead Rumba project to sort of keep our chops up. She came into one of the rehearsals singing this song and I loved the way it sounded in Rumba. One thing led to the next and before we knew it we were all in quarantine at home and our rumba sessions at the house became impossible for the health reasons everyone is aware of at this point. After resisting several offers to play in virtual form I got an offer that made sense for us to do as a duet. So as I was thinking about what Lavoski and I could do together I remembered the Bad Bunny tune and suggested we put it together for fun. I pre-recorded all the conga and percussion parts myself at home and Lavoski and our good friend Andrea Beltran laid the background vocals at her house, then we got together to perform her lead vocal and my lead drum together. It was the first time I’d been near another human being in 4 months. This song and video was the closing number of our performance at IBA’s virtual Tito Puente Concert Series 2020. I know it was written with Hurricane Maria in mind, but I think it still strikes a nerve in this moment, maybe it always will in Puerto Rico or any place that’s taken a beating. Gracias Benito para este temazo.”- Awo Ni Orunmila Otura Mun

The entire 30 min performance can be seen in 4K video here