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New ÌFÉ Live Album!! 2020 Live at ÌLÉ ÌFÉ

2020 Artwork B

Grab the New full length Live album here. 2O20 Live at ILÉ ÌFÉ

Like most folks, my world today is not at all what I thought it would be as I sat down to jot out my New Years resolutions for 2020 this past January. I certainly couldn’t have told you I would be locked in my house without human contact for 9 months (and counting) and I definitely wasn’t thinking about covering Bad Bunny, recording Fuck The Police, or putting out a live album this year or anytime soon. 2020 has shaken things to the ground and keeps on giving. Despite the tougher moments, this year in many ways has been a year of incredible growth and optimism for me personally. Often the simple things in my life are the most powerful. Health, family, safety, joy, discovery, the gift of love. I wasn’t able to tour this year, but I was blessed with the opportunity to develop my craft and to perform from my home for audiences around the world in a capacity that challenged me and inspired me to push beyond what I was capable of creating or delivering the year before. I’ve grown this year. This time of reaching, learning and experimentation has been a tremendous gift. Thank you to all that have supported ÌFÉ over the years and have tuned in over the Summer and Fall to see what ÌFÉ has been up to. My deepest thank you. We have 2 huge releases coming right around the corner. An EP of band new music will be dropping on vinyl and digital on November 17th and a full length LP of all new music early 2021. Stay tuned!!!! But for now…

2020 Live at ILÉ ÌFÉ is sort of mixtape bootleg compilation of classic and unreleased ÌFÉ songs performed live in quarantine at my home during the Summer and Fall of 2020 and mixed together “sound system style” by yours truly. The songs were recorded as a duet between myself and ÌFÉ’s newest voice, Lavoski. She had joined the group at the beginning of this year and was preparing to go on tour with us this Spring when the world hit the breaks on human contact. She’s been beyond supportive of me during these months and it has been an absolute joy to make music with her this year. She’s an incredible young singer and her talent has pushed me to places that I was unable to reach as a singer and performer in the past. Thank you Lavoski!!

The other folks on this record are you guys!! Thank you to everyone who DM’d in and left messages for ÌFÉ. In a room with only two performers you all have filled this recording with love. Thank you all.

Like many musicians, I don’t know when I’ll be able to perform with the rest of my band or when I’ll be back out on the road, but I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had this year to sing and play for you. That’s such a blessing. I hope you enjoy this collection of songs. They’re made with love. Ashé Orunmila, Ashé a la Ochá, Ashé bogbo Egun. Health and happiness to all – Awo Ni Orunmila Otura Mun